Russell A. Stone

Russell A. Stone

Financial Advisor and Owner of the East Windsor office of the Scranton Financial Group

Phone: 860-623-5557
Fax: 860-623-5559

Russell attended Framingham State College in Framingham, MA for three years, focusing primarily on economics and finance before leaving to return to the family business. He helped manage Triple S food service, which at its peak employed 55 people. Then, he helped establish Pilgrim Products which manufactured food safety products.

With three out of four children in diapers and because of his commitment to his family, Russ wanted more time to spend with his wife and children, he decided to find a way that would afford him a more flexible schedule. In 1996, he returned to his financial roots and established himself as a financial advisor, joining the Scranton Financial Group in 1998. Since that time, he has worked closely with his mentor, David Scranton, CFA, CLU, CFP, MSFS, to gain a thorough command of the world of conservative investment strategies.

Russ and his family have lived in Ellington, CT for almost 21 years. He is very involved with his family and church, and is a sponsor of the Creation Science Foundation in Connecticut. He notes that while there may be any number of financial advisors who possess a high level of technical skills, few of them are prepared ~as Russ is~ to see their clients through what Russ believes, a potential deflationary depression. He has built his practice with a focus on preparing his clients for the current and future economic conditions through education.

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